John E Dorey

I was born in Maine, the third of four children. Most of my life has been spent in North Carolina though. I never considered myself an artist (I usually joke that even my stick figures come out crooked), but then I discovered a computer program allowing me to use 3d figures and props to create scenes without the need of drawing them myself. Once I learned what the program was capable of, I also realized I could tackle something I had always wanted to do. Write my stories into a book! I could do the covers, the illustrations and finally be able to share my stories in a better way. I had been blogging them before but only as short stories without a large audience. So far it's turned into several fun books written for kids, but just silly enough for adults to enjoy too. With each story kids are encouraged to use their own imagination, be the best friend they can be and always be willing to learn new things. Illustrating the books is one of my favorite parts. The computer 3D art creates a look that's bright and colorful. It's detailed enough that the characters really come to life. Children have responded and seem to enjoy the look of the illustrations and the characters. Writing and illustrating the stories is always great, but seeing it make a kid smile is the best feeling ever. I love to hear readers say they giggled and laughed while reading one of my books. I really hope you'll be my next reader.

Interested in the 3d program I mention or just how I create my characters? Check out my workflow page for more info.