Clarence Monster's Monster Christmas Story

A rhyming, Christmas adventure that follows Clarence Monster in his unexpected journey to a new home and family. After his latest adventure, Clarence returns to find his tree, his home is gone. Lost and confused he goes looking for answers. Before he knows it, he finds himself trapped inside a strange family's home. As he hides hoping he won't be discovered, he learns a little about what family is. He also discovers a new, exciting holiday he never knew existed. Who is this Santa and what is Christmas all about? It sounds like lots of fun, it's just too bad Clarence has no one to share the holiday with. Or does he? This fun, rhyming picture book will make you think differently about the monsters hiding in your home. Sample rhyme: "Why would they take his tree for their own Didn't they know how he loved his home He could lose his treasures if it had to be But not his beloved spot on that tree" A stand-alone Christmas story full of colorful, full page illustrations. Kids can even have a little fun trying to find the hidden item on each page. At the end the reader is asked to help name a character for the next story. Can you help him out? This wonderful tale follows up Clarence's first story: Monster, Monster in the Tree Both stories and future installments planned available in digital and paperback formats or as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.