Monster Babies Daycare

Who says all monsters are scary? What happens when a zombie, a vampire, a witch, a devil, a reaper, baby franky, the invisible baby and regular kid Lowell end up in daycare together? Can Lowell survive his first daycare experience? Are monsters always bad, even as babies? It's time to find out. Little Lowell has never been away from his family. He doesn't have brothers or sisters and so far, has always been a loner. He relies on his own wits. When his parents mention a new daycare they want to send him to he doesn't want to go, but soon his parents are telling him how much he will enjoy it. He'll meet other kids, make friends, learn and have lots of fun. Now he is here and it doesn't look fun. It looks, SCARY! Why is that one kid green? Is his teacher a ghost? One kid even looks like he has horns! Should Lowell run? His parents have already left. Could he find them if he tried? Welcome to Monster Babies Daycare! A fun, illustrated story of friendship that looks at our individuality and differences in a unique way.