School Is No Place For A Dragon

A stand-alone companion short story to the Dragon In My Garage series starring Spark the dragon and Jed his keeper.

Spark is a dragon who needs a little help. Even though he has found his new keeper, made his way through a secret mission as a special agent and discovered the fun and excitement that can be had during his first Halloween, something has become quite clear, He is completely lost when it comes to current times and the ways of our present world.

So what do you do with a dragon who needs to learn new things. You send him to School!

The hope is for Spark to learn about the history of the world he has missed while he spent hundreds of years trapped in a magical cage. Like most everything else in the short relationship of Jed and Spark, things do not go as smoothly as everyone hopes.

The short story is a fun way to discover a little bit about Jed, Spark and the world around them. Included as a bonus are two early comic strips made before the book series became a reality. If you don't smile, laugh and shake your head at the antics of these two unusual best friends you must not be reading the story right.

Pick this one up as a free introduction to Spark's adventures. Hopefully you'll enjoy it and go on to read his other tales

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All available now in digital or paperback formats or as part of the Kindle Unlimited program.