Secret Agent Dragon

What happens when a government agent shows up at your doorstep asking for help from your pet dragon? You say yes!

Get ready for an action packed adventure featuring magic, mayhem and mystery when Spark goes on his first mission as a secret agent. Discover new friends, new enemies and unexpected experiences leading to a mystery that could put the entire world in jeopardy.

Can Spark be the one to stop this threat before it becomes all powerful? Can he discover who is behind it before it's too late? And is that a troll?

Secret Agent Dragon is the exciting second installment in the series Dragon in my Garage and the follow up to How I Met My Pet Dragon.

About the series

An exciting story for any age heavily influenced by the comic books of the author's youth. Like those comics there is much more to the story of Spark's appearance than anyone realizes.

A thrilling cliffhanger ending in book one leads directly into the second installment in the series Secret Agent Dragon where more of the full story is revealed. The magic and mayhem continues into book three Trick, Treat or Dragon which also includes a bit of pranking to a not so happy dragon.

2016 will see the fourth installment Legend of the Unknown Dragon where the secrets of Spark's past are revealed leading into the as of yet unnamed fifth book where the battle between good and ultimate evil is fought with the world as we know it hanging in the balance.