The Three Pirate City Cats

They're cute and cuddly kitties.....

No, wait. Now they're Pirates!

When three kittens are left alone and scared on a cold, city street they must discover courage they didn't realize they possessed. Soon they are exploring the marvels and beauty the city provides. After all, a cat has to be curious.

Then Dawg the dog pops up and the cats think he must be bad news. Little do they know he will send them on an unexpected adventure to discover their destiny. What treasure awaits these curious critters?

Find out what it all means and how these ordinary cats become Pirates!

A fully illustrated story filled with colorful characters that will have the kids laughing, then wanting to read again and again.

This is the second book in the Three Animals series. Please also check out:

The Three Stuffed Bears

Each book is a stand alone story surrounding three main characters. There is no need to read book one to enjoy book two, but we hope you do. Both are available in digital and paperback formats or you can borrow with a Kindle Unlimited membership.