The Three Stuffed Bears

This is not the expected three bears story....

Here we find three of the friendliest, cutest teddy bears ever as they wake up one day in the middle of a giant forest. With no memory of anything before and no idea how they ended up in the forest, what they are supposed to do? They decide it best to get to work on finding a home and making a life in their new surroundings.

Then the littlest bear gets hurt and it sends the three bears on a journey much further into the forest than they ever wanted to go. Stories of a local witch bring them hope of saving the little one. Is the witch of the forest real and will she help them? Are they prepared for what may happen next?

A fun, fully illustrated adventure about making new friends and finding out where you belong.

Available in digital and paperback formats or you can borrow with a Kindle Unlimited membership. Remember to also check out the next Three Animals tale:

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